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  • This is the movie you never expected Nikkatsu's roman porno line to produce. Koyu Ohara’s Pink Hip Girl is a serious contender for the ’cutest youth film ever’. First of all, it’s got the rarest of things; a good screenplay. Not only does the storyline make a lot of sense, the dialogue is often terrific. No less impressive is the acting. While nobody gives bad performances, the young lead, 19 year old Kahori Takeda, is simply perfect. Ohara’s direction is highly enjoyable and he manages to avoid practically every problem that typically plagues the genre. Even the sex, which is not dirty at all this time, is well formatted into the story. Only one side plot seems unnecessary and was perhaps included to bring a bit more skin to the film. As a final touch the film’s pop soundtrack and especially the theme song is exhilarating. --HungFist
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