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Pigs (1973, USA) is a Eco-Terror film directed by Marc Lawrence.

Pigs aka daddys deadly darling 1972.jpg

Main Details

  • Released on May 25, 1973 (Detroit, Michigan)
  • Color
  • Running Time: 80 Min.
  • Distribution Co: Classic Films (I) (USA) | Aquarius Releasing (1984) (USA) (theatrical) (re-release)
  • Directed by Marc Lawrence
  • Written by Marc Lawrence
  • Starring Toni Lawrence, Marc Lawrence, Jesse Vint, Paul Hickey, Katharine Ross, Iris Korn
  • Produced by Marc Lawrence, Donald Reynolds
  • Original Music by Charles Bernstein
  • Cinematography by Glenn Roland
  • Film Editing by Irv Goodnoff

Plot Summary

  • A woman named Lynn on the run gets a job at a diner cum ramshackle motel run by Zambrini, a man with a mysterious past who feeds his pet pigs human corpses by grave robbing cemeteries at night. Things run smoothly between the two until a local man goes missing, neighbors of Zambrini report strange noises to the sheriff, the missing man's pals beat up Zambrini and a stranger arrives in the town looking for Lynn.

Also Known As

  • The 13th Pig | Daddy's Girl (USA) | Horror Farm | Lynn Hart | Pigs (USA) (recut version) | Roadside Torture Chamber (USA) (reissue title) | The Killer | The Killers | The Strange Exorcism of Lynn Hart | The Strange Love Exorcist


  • Once the pigs tasted blood... No one could control their hunger!!
  • A mad man... A psycho killer... And mean cannibal pigs... All together in the scariest film you'll ever see!!!
  • If you go down to the woods today... you're in for a PIG surprise
  • They'll eat anything... So she had the perfect method to dispose of her victims!
  • It's Horror! It's Murder! As Daring as Has Ever Been Shown Before!
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