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  • Region B
  • Studio: 101 Films
  • Special Features: New HD restoration • The Original Saul Bass ending (plus optional commentary) • An Ant's Life: Contextualising Phase IV, a documentary on the film's influences • Commentary with film historians Allan Bryce and Richard Holliss • Limited Edition Booklet: includes Phase IV by Deborah Allison, and Adapt or Die: Killer Bug Cinema and Phase IV by Liam Hathaway • Saul Bass: Short Films (Disc 2): The Searching Eye (1964) • Why Man Creates (1968) • Bass on Titles (1977) • Notes on the Popular Arts (1978) • The Solar Film (1980) • Quest (1984) (new HD restoration) • Sound: Stereo PCM (Disc 2: various) • Language: English • Subtitles: English HOH • First 3,000 copies come with limited edition slipcase and booklet


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