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What happens when you mix a scary atmosphere of 50's film-noir/sci-fi with gory effects from the 70's exploitation era? Well, Phantasm is a superb result that makes itself become a cult classic. The plot is kinda simple, Mike and his brother, Jody, have to investigate "The Tall Man" who stole their father's coffin (who died in a mysterious way) for unknown reason. And the results are beyond everyone's imagination, I will not reveal any spoiler here but all I can tell is that it's awesome and thrilling. Mostly because it derives a HUGE influence from 50's film-noir in many aspects, for example, Phantasm has a dark lighting and a "femme fatale". Also, it reminds me of 50's sci-fi flicks especially about the truth about "The Tall Man" and his secret servants that scare Mike, Jody, and all of us. Chilling suburban atmosphere, memorable soundtrack, awesome gory effects, and pretty good plot twist. What more can you get from this awesome 1979 film? Well, it tells me one more thing, "Fear is the killer". --Nuttawat Permphithak

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