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Code Red was unable to find a nice film negative for the DVD transfer, so they used a worn out theatrical print for this presentation. It is shown in 1:78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen. The first part of the film is streaked with artifacts and burn marks and throughout it skips and scratches pop up at certain parts, but for grindhouse conniseurs, this only enchances the raw genuine theatrical experience. Of course if you had seen this film in a theater back in the 70s on its final run, it would most likely look alot like it does here. So even though the DVD doesnt look perfect, I consider this a positive thing. It made viewing it all the more enjoyable for me.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Deleted Scene: Dan arrives home to his worried wife. He explains to her that he was held up by two thugs on bikes (not two women) and that he was stabbed with a knife (not a clothespin) and he beat one man up. We then cut to Bonnie at an amusement park winning a stuffed animal....?

Film Trailers: Family Honor, Brute Corps, Devil's Express, The Statue

FINAL WORD: Grindhouse film fans should count themselves as lucky to be able to see this classic film at all. For years, I've heard about Pets and wanted to see it. Now I had my chance and I'm glad. Thanks to Code Red for putting this film on DVD!


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