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Review of Ozploitation Trailer Explosion

For longtime fans of Ozploitation cinema and those who may be just discovering the genre, InterVision's new trailer compilation will take viewers through the wild and entertaining movies that Aussie filmmakers produced throughout the 70s and 80s. Australia, like other countries, had their own unique way of telling stories about subject matter relevant to their way of life. This is just one aspect that's so intriguing to film fans not familiar with them. The exploitation of different Australian stereotypes, taboos and customs made for very ripe, exciting cinematic content. Just press play and you'll get a hefty dose of crazy sexploitation romps, creepy outback horror, historical period adventures, highly charged road racin action and wacky sci-fi thrillers. The trailers will also introduce you to the many popular Aussie actors of the day and inspire you to seek out all these tantalizing and terrific exploitation genre films from Down Under (My only complaint: NO MAD MAX?!). We highly recommend going through The GCDB's Ozploitation pages where you will find more info including full reviews of many of the films presented on this excellent DVD.


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