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  • Misleadingly titled Orgies of Edo is Teruo Ishii’s thematical follow up to Tokugawa onna keizu and The Joy of Torture. Split in three episodes, the first story is quite a bit more restrained than the Tatsumi Hijikata lead freak show opening credits sequence would let you expect. However, Ishii does decent job with melodrama, and of course doesn’t forget to bring it into a sadistic conclusion. The second episode follows a woman with taste for pain... and most weird looking men. The scene where two midgets attempt to rape the main characters is not even most politically incorrect part of the story. The final episode is about a lord (Asao Koike) who takes pleasure in killing his servants (as well as poor bystanders). His servant (Yukie Kagawa) has gotten herself into a tight spot by insulting the lord, but she knows about a ruthless game that could save her life... Orgies of Edo is a solid Teruo Ishii / pinky violence film. Each story raises the bar a little and manage to keep the viewer’s interest up. However, many of the elements have been used more succesfully in other Ishii films made before and after Orgies of Edo. Also note that unlike the title would suggest, there are no orgies in the film. The actual sex scenes are brief, although there’s no lack of bare skin. ---HungFist
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