Nude for Satan

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Nude for Satan (1974, Italy) is a Horror film directed by Luigi Batzella.


Main Details

  • Released in October, 1974 (Italy)
  • Color
  • 82 Minutes
  • Production Company: C. R. C. Productions
  • Distribution Company: P. A. B. Distributors (Italy)
  • Written and Directed by Luigi Batzella (Directed as Paolo Solvay)
  • Produced by Remo Angioli
  • Production Manager: Michelangelo Ciafre
  • Music by Alberto Baldan Bembo
  • Camera Operator: Giuliano Grasselli
  • Assistant Operator: Luciano Ronconi
  • Cinematography by Antonio Maccoppi
  • Starring Rita Calderoni, James Harris, Stelio Candelli, Barbara Lay, and Renato Lupi
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