New Female Prisoner Scorpion: Tokushu-bo X/DVD

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French Pathe Box Set

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  • Released in 2007
  • Region 2
  • 86 min
  • STUDIO: Pathe / Asian Star
  • PICTURE: 2.35:1 Anamorphic PAL
  • SOUND: Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 (192 kbps)
  • SUBTITLES: French Subtitles
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Photo Gallery (22 pics) | Yukata Kohira and Takeo Chii Filmographies | Theatrical Trailer (2:49)
  • DVD COMMENTS: Pathe’s dvd, which is only available in the La Femme Scorpion Box Set, doesn’t differ much from New Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701, although the transfer is better. Basic problems remain – interlaced and not from a native PAL source – but the problems are less visible than expected. There’s still some boosting, but the colours and brightness seem very good. The image is also nicely sharp. On smaller screens this transfer should look quite nice. The audio features no problems. The excellent original trailer is included, and the picture gallery is of high quality as with the other discs in the box set.
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