My Dear Killer

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My Dear Killer (Mio caro assassino) (1972, Italy) is a Giallo film directed by Tonino Valerii.


Main Details

  • Released on February 3, 1972
  • Color
  • Running time: 100 minutes (96 minutes- Italy)
  • Production Co.: B.R.C. Produzione S.r.l. | Kramot Cinematografica | Tecisa
  • Distribution Co.: Jumbo Cinematografica
  • Directed by Tonino Valerii
  • Written by Franco Bucceri, Roberto Leoni
  • Starring: George Hilton, Salvo Randone, William Berger, Patty Shepard, Piero Lulli, Mónica Randall
  • Music: Ennio Morricone

Plot Summary

  • A mysterious decapitation leads Inspector Peretti into a case of blackmail, deceit and the unsolved kidnapping of a young girl.

Also known as

  • Mio caro assessino (Italy, original title)
  • Time to Kill, Darling
  • Sumario sangriento de la pequeña Estefania
  • La chatte de la voisine
  • Mon cher assassin
  • Folie meurtrière (France)
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