Murder By Phone

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Murder By Phone (1980, USA/Canada) is a Horror film directed by Michael Anderson.


Main Details

  • Release date: 1980-81(Can), 1982 (USA) | Colour
  • Running Time: 95 min (Can), 79min (USA)
  • Production Co: Canadian Film Development Corporation (CFDC) [ca], Famous Players, Coco Films
  • Distribution Co. New World pictures(US)
  • Directed by Michael Anderson
  • Written By Michael Butler, Dennis Shryack, John Kent Harrison
  • Starring: Richard Chamberlain, John Houseman, Sara Botsford
  • Produced by Stanley Colbert, Bob Cooper, Michael W.Hadley, Brian Walker, Michael A.Levine
  • Music by John Barry
  • Cinematography by Reginald H.Morris
  • Film Editing Martin Pepler

Also Known As

  • Bells Canada (Theatrical) Europe (video title) (English title) / France (video title) | Murder by Phone (USA) | Hell's Bells (undefined) | Llamada mortal Spain | Morderstwo przez telefon Poland | Morte Por Telefone Brazil | Squilli di morte Italy | Starkstrom West Germany | The Calling (undefined) | Tod aus dem Telefon West Germany (TV title)


  • A Madman Pushes A Button & Kills By Phone. Would You Answer?
  • The Panic Has Just Begun.
  • Your Phone Can Pierce Your Brain, Explode Your Heart, & Jolt You Ten Feet In The Air!
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