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Original music by Monty Python

TRACK LISTING: A1.Introduction To The Executive Version A2.Tour of the Classic Silbury Hill Theatre A3.Live Broadcast From London: Premiere Of The Film A4.Narration From The Silbury Hill Gentlemen's Room A5.Arrival At Castle (extended version from 1997 CD) A6.Bring Out Your Dead A7.Constitutional Peasants A8.Witch Burning A9.Logician A10.Camelot Song A11.The Quest For The Holy Grail A12.Live From The Parking Lot At The Silbury Hill Theatre A13.French Taunter (extended version from 1997 CD) A14.Bomb Scare B1.This Is Side Two! B2.Executive Version Announcement- Apology B3.The Story So Far B4.Brave Sir Robin B5.The Knights Who Say Ni! B6.Marilyn Monroe B7.Swamp Castle B8.Tim The Enchanter B9.Drama Critique B10.Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch B11.The Bridge Of Death (1997 CD version only) B12.Executive Version Addendum B13.French Taunter (Part 2) B14.Last Word

Bonus Tracks on the 2006 edition: 1.Arthur's Song 2.Documentary- Terry Jones and Michael Palin 3.Run Away Song

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