Monster on the Campus

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Monster on the Campus (1958, USA) is a Horror film directed by Jack Arnold.

Monster On The Campus Poster01.jpg

Main Details

  • Released in 1958
  • B & W
  • Running Time: 77 Min.
  • Production Co: Universal International
  • Distribution Co: Universal International
  • Directed by Jack Arnold
  • Written by David Duncan
  • Starring Arthur Franz, Joanna Moore, Judson Pratt, Helen Westcott, Alexander Lockwood, Troy Donahue, Nancy Walters, Phil Harvey, Whit Bissell, Ross Elliott, Richard Cutting, Hank Patterson
  • Produced by Joseph Gershenson
  • Cinematography by Russell Metty
  • Film Editing by Ted Kent


  • Science Blunders! Beast Seeks Body of Living Man!
  • Test Tube Terror-Beast Amok on College Campus!
  • Monster “Born” in College Lab!
  • Co-ed Beauty Captive of Man-Monster!
  • Students Victims of Terror-Beast!
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