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  • Although Henry Hite (who plays the monster) was 7 foot 6, the director still wanted the monster to be 10 feet tall so Hite was shot at an upward angle to make an already very tall actor look even taller.
  • The film had a troubled production. Director Bill Rebane began shooting the film in 1961, but the production ran out of funding before it could be completed. Years later director Herschell Gordon Lewis was looking for a movie to play double feature with his film Moonshine Mountain (1964) when he bought the shot footage for Monster A Go-Go from Rebane. Lewis filmed some additional footage for the movie and added a voice-over narration (Lewis himself was the narrator) and released the film in 1965.
  • The film was featured in a 1993 episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The makers of the show considered it to be the worst film they had watched up until the episode that featured the infamous film Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966). Monster A Go-Go is still counted among the top worst movies to be featured on the eleven season series.
  • The reason that most of the characters simply disappear from the film without explanation was the original cast from the 1961 shoots couldn't be re-gathered for the completion of the film which occurred four years later.
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