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Back in the 70s, Alice Cooper was the original shock rocker, who’d be ripped off by Marilyn Manson a few decades later. His claim to fame in the 80s (while battling alcoholism and a lagging musical career) consisted of the writing/performing the theme song for the awesome Class of 1984 (entitled “I Am The Future”) and a small role in John Carpenter’s PRINCE OF DARKNESS as a malevolent (and mute) homeless man.

On a far more obscure note, he took the lead role in the Spanish-lensed horror opus MONSTER DOG. In it he plays a rock star named Vincent Raven who decides to return to his isolated family manor in order to shoot his new music video there. (We are also privy enough to view his latest one, “Identity Crisis”, which is drenched in 80s cheesiness...and we get to see it in its entirety at both the start and end of the movie) He is accompanied by his shooting “crew”, which consists of his girlfriend Sandra (Victoria Vera) and a handful of friends.


Upon their arrival, they learn that a pack of feral dogs are stalking the secluded area. A deeply troubled Vincent seems to know a lot more about the matter than he seems willing to admit. However, the discovery of the caretaker’s ravaged corpse and a group of revenge-seeking gunmen will force “Vincent” to reveal his a family curse to his friends and confront his old demons.

While MONSTER DOG may not be as familiar a title as TROLL 2 or XTRO, the film definitely holds its own against such so-good-its-bad classics. All the goods are here – Atrocious dubbing (including Cooper’s dialogue but not his singing) replaced with inane, stilted English, an increasingly silly plot and discount special effects (The first glimpse of the Monster Dog is an absolute scream!) – and delivered in spades. Surprisingly, Cooper gives a decent performance and proves himself to be the best thing in the film, although, as just mentioned, that isn’t saying much.

As the saying goes, “Every dog has its day”...If you’re in the right frame of mind (and possibly even under the right influence) MONSTER DOG will certainly make your night.

Reviewed by Angel Orona

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