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To a shot of a globe that looked like that it came from a failed art class project, some of the most majestic music in Exploitation cinema history sounds off with guitars that would fit perfectly on a Duane Eddy record. With bongos and bells accenting the tune, our Narrator reads this work of hilarious writing.

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To the worm in the cheese, the cheese is the universe.

To the maggot on the cadaver, the cadaver is infinity. And to you...what is YOUR world? How do you know what is beyond the beyond?

Most of us don't even know what is behind the beyond.

After this once in a lifetime experience, we enter the world of Mondo Bizarro, one of the three films Bob Cresse and Lee Frost made for Exploitation Grindhouses through the classic year of 1966. with some help from Saul Resnick, an occasional help to Olympic International Films, as well as some scenes that were reported to have been filmed in the studios owned by Cresse's friend and competition, David F. Friedman.

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First, we get a glimpse of ladies (with "special Effects" covering their eyes) trying out bras filmed through that favored of devices, the Two Way Mirror, in an obviously staged moment while various clips of music play on as the credits roll on in an amazing display of fake names and even two Camera Units when in reality, the Production must have been about five people tops besides Cresse and Frost. The Narrator is one "Claude Emmand" a "Director of Information - Parkinson Natural Museum of World History - London W2 England" (Yeah, RIIIIIGHT!), the "Transpotation" was provided by "International Airways, Inc." (Which really equaled to possibly a couple of vans moving the eqiuipment around as far as...a couple of miles down to Bronson Canyon), the music by "Lawrence Von Lattman" (Library music, and possibly whatever Cresse can get a hold of through some freinds down the Sunset Strip). As the reader can tell, they went the whole yard as "Felix Lomax" and "David Kayne" (Cresse and Frost) provide the viewer with one classic way to kill about 80 Minutes of time.

Despite popular criticism, there are actual real scenes in Mondo Bizarro that make this the best out of the three films Cresse and Frost made in 1966 following hot on the heels of Ecco, the film they provided AIP to distribute. The classic scenes are described in the Fun Facts section below, with a couple of them reflecting a golden moment in Sunset Strip history in 1966. Of course, there's a trip to the beach during Spring Break, 1966, with the usual expected fake newspaper headlines, but as this is a Cresse Film, the viewer really wanted to see the sights that made this film one of the more jaw-dropping delights of 1966. The Mondo Fako highlights include the "Voodoo ritual" that was filmed in a place that looked like Bronson Canyon, the "Special Massage" filmed again through the Two Way Mirror featuring a couple of hot women with some eggs performing the treatment on someone who was not expecting it at all, a performance of a Nazi Play that really was the run-through idea for what turned into Love Camp 7 two years later, and the epic finale of the "Arab Slave Auction" which was really filmed at the famed Canyon with Cresse, Frost, some naked women (With more "Special Effects" that covered up the "Naughty Bits" that were still trouble for Exploitation films to show in The States in 1966), and friends (Maybe one could spot The Mighty Monarch of Exploitation among never know). And yes, there is a "Fakir" in this Mondo.

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With the "Globe" marking the changes, now greeting the viewer on most chapters on the DVD, and the Narrator guiding along, Mondo Bizarro may be a Sleazy Imitator, but it's a very entertaining example of the Mondo Fever Cresse and Frost had before they really went on their classic line of films in 1968.

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