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There are two kinds of bad movies in the world: 1) the ones that you can enjoy the unintentional humor and 2) the kind that give you nothing but pain. To me, Mitchell is the first one, the type that you can laugh at the horrible plot and bad characterization. The story revolves about an anti-hero (actually, he's an asshole for all of us) cop named Mitchell (Joe Don Baker), who has to deal with a suspected murderer, a drug dealer that Mitchell has to surveil, and a hooker that falls in love with him. I said Mitchell is an asshole because he does everything that's bad and not as awesome as Han Solo or Dirty Harry at all, like one scene when he has a stupid argument with a kid or the fact that he drinks a lot. These kinds of activities can make you laugh anytime you watch it. This film has become cult classic thanks to Joel and the Bots on MST3K, although that's a very good episode (and, in fact, it's my most favorite episode), it's the "TV edited" version of the film that was shown. For those of you who wanna see violence and the fate of John Saxon's character, please watch the Theatrical Cut of the film. I guarantee that your life will never be the same again after you watch the "unriffed" version of Mitchell. -- Nuttawat Permpithak

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