Missing in Action 2: The Beginning

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Missing in Action 2: The Beginning (1985, USA) is a War film directed by Lance Hool.


Main Details

  • Released in 1985 | Color
  • Running Time: Norway:95 min (video version) | USA:100 min
  • Production Co: Cannon Films
  • Distribution Co: Cannon Film Distributors | Pan-Canadian Film Distributors (Canada) | Scotia International Filmverleih (1985) (Germany) (theatrical) (cut)
  • Directed by Lance Hool
  • Written by Steve Bing, Arthur Silver, Larry Levinson
  • Starring Chuck Norris, Soon-Tek Oh, Steven Williams, Bennett Ohta, Cosie Costa, Joe Michael Terry
  • Produced by Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan, Christopher Pearce
  • Original Music by Brian May
  • Film Editing by Mark Conte, Marcus Manton

Also Known As

  • Battle Rage (Australia) | Braddock II - O Início da Missão (Brazil) | Desaparecido en combate 2 (Spain) | Missing in Action (Italy) | Missing in Action 2 - Die Rückkehr (Germany) (video title) | Portés disparus 2 (France) | Portés disparus 2 - Pourquoi? (Canada) (French title) | Saknad i strid 2 (Sweden) | Suoraa toimintaa 2 - pako helvetistä (Finland)


  • Chuck Norris is back! A one-man time bomb set to explode!
  • A prisoner to strong too hold. A soldier too dangerous to let go.
  • An American hero's story continues...
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