Mark of The Devil Part 2

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Mark of The Devil Part 2 (Hexen geschändet und zu Tode gequält) (1973, West Germany/UK) is an Occult-Horror film directed by Adrian Hoven. It is, of course, the sequel to Mark of the Devil.


Main Details

  • Released on January 26, 1973
  • Color
  • Running time: 90 minutes (UK) | 97 minutes (USA)
  • Production Co.: Atlas | HIFI Stereo 70 Kg | TV13 Filmproduktion
  • Distribution Co.: Cinerama Filmgesellschaft MBH (West Germany) | Cinépix Film Properties (CFP) (Canada; dubbed) | Hallmark Releasing (USA; dubbed)
  • Directed by Adrian Hoven
  • Written by Michael Armstrong (as Sergio Casstner), Fred Denger and Adrian Hoven
  • Starring: Erika Blanc, Anton Diffring, Percy Hoven

Plot Summary

  • A tribunal interrogates, tortures and murders "witches" and "heretics" during the Inquisition.


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