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  • Yuuji Makiguchi started his career as an assistant director in several notable Toei productions (such as Teruo Ishii's The Joy of Torture and Tai Kato's Red Peony Gambler 3). He later gained popularity among western cult fans with his hyper violent period splatter Shogun's Sadism (1976). Mantis Wife's Confession shares little resemblance to those films. Midori Satsuki stars as a vamp who destroys one poor man's life after another. Finally she seduces a professional killer, which brings a tiny bit of action into the comedy oriented film. Being a Toei production, Mantis Wife's Confession looks like a real movie rather than a cheap exploitation production. Unfortunately the storyline is running circles, and there's little to get excited about. A couple of good jokes make you laugh a few times, and one surprise has found its way into the film; Ema Ryoko plays a housewife. She gets into a fight, but her shirt stays on and doesn't even get ripped. Truly amazing. --Hung Fist
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