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  • Although the film is set in New York City, it was only shot there for three days.
  • Three cameras were used to shoot the St. Patrick's Day parade before the production began. Sam Raimi shot some of this footage, which was shown to investors to secure the money to "complete" the film.
  • Cameo: [Sam Raimi] [makes a brief cameo as the parade reporter.]
  • Cameo: [Jake LaMotta] [makes a brief cameo as a detective.]
  • Director Cameo: [William Lustig] [makes a brief cameo as a motel-manager.]
  • Cameo: Richard Roundtree [(Shaft) makes a brief cameo as Commissioner Pike.]
  • The Coroner (Barry Brenner) was William Lustig's real-life doctor.
  • Jill Gatsby is Larry Cohen's daughter and is killed in every one of his movies that she's in.
  • Bodycount: 19
  • The actors that play both the protagonist (Bruce Campbell) and the antagonist (Robert Z'Dar) have had the nickname 'The Chin'.
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