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  • Nolegs.png
    Josiah reviews the 1978 crime film MR. NO LEGS
  • Silverwitch.png
    Seb reviews the J-horror film THE SNAKE GIRL & THE SILVER-HAIRED WITCH
  • TheyLiveOBEY.jpg
    Ken reviews John Carpenter's THEY LIVE
  • Rnr.png
    Ken reviews ROCK 'N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL
  • Vix.png
    Rob reviews Russ Meyer's VIXEN
  • Ttrain.png
    Ken reviews TERROR TRAIN
  • Motrd.png
    Reggie reviews THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH
  • Swingb.png
  • Mamadg.png
    Josiah reviews MAMA'S DIRTY GIRLS
  • Arous.jpeg
    Rob reviews AROUSED
  • Dgame.png
    Pete reviews the Grindhouse Releasing 2 Disc BluRay of DEATH GAME
  • Godtoldme.png
    Seb reviews the 4K BluRay of Larry Cohen's GOD TOLD ME TO

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