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  • Mad Max is a work of truly enduring influence. It's one of the only films of the Australian exploitation cycle to not have been forgotten and for the right reasons too. Whilst films like Turkey Shoot (because of its notoriety) and BMX Bandits (because of childhood nostalgia) remain somewhat known - BMX Bandits more than Turkey Shoot - Mad Max is a film that is still regarded with the utmost respect. It's an action film that proved to the world what Australian directors were capable of and inspired future directors the world over from Japan to the USA. Much like Hong Kong action cinema, its popularity can be attributed to its unbridled mayhem. Laxer safety laws and a low-budget led to some of the most exciting and potentially dangerous action sequences ever put to film. Whilst its sequel attained far more success, the first film is a shining example of the "just going out and doing it" mentality of exploitation cinema. --Angel
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