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Alright, to make a short story shorter: Our "hero", Hal (played by José Gras) accidentally (or perhaps intentionally) runs a harassing biker off the road to his death while Hal was on his way to the disco along with his date. Afterwards, the nazi-biker gang retaliates by beating Hal up and raping his date. Hal then calls up his kickboxing buddies to beat the crap out of the biker gang (which they do--along with castrating the nazi-biker leader and making him chomp on the severed tool like a midnight snack!). The next day, the bikers retaliate again! And back and forth and back and forth they go....

Well, if you have a story this simple, you might as well go as far as you can with the envelope-pushing because the filmmakers sure don't pull a punch with this politically incorrect sleaze-fest! Even though the biker gang (with their hilarious electro-funk theme song) are definitely some sadistic buttholes who slaughter a dozen folks without even questioning it. Check out why I put those hero-quotations on Hal. Apparently, he was looking to get that first date a little drunk so he can make some moves on her...only to find out (after the kickboxing victory) that he already HAS a woman waiting for him in bed! If that wasn't enough to satisfy him, he later picks up a new chick on the road and constantly bangs her throughout the movie! I mean....Wow! More power to ya!


Alright, on to the second half of the movie which begins Hal's "Roaring Rampage of Revenge". Some similar results in the same vein as I Spit On Your Grave star to occur. Such as the same notion of getting rid of the most identifiable bad guys first and saving the weak scraps for last (I Wonder why this happened so often?) Also, the results of Hal's bloodlust are fairly weak I might add. Although I give credit for a car chase involving Hal's stingray and a biker on high speed though the hills of Spain. The photography actually looked pretty good for this sequence. And one biker (who loves to show off his goods) receives a memorable exit thanks to a hand grenade.

The biggest stunner for me was the final scene. Every review I had read prior to seeing the movie never talked about the ending. So by the time "The End" appeared on screen, I just let out the biggest "Ohhhhkay" I've ever said outloud.

Despite all the cruelty and sub-par filmmaking, this one could really be a good time (if you're in the right mood and right state of mind) and especially if you've got the english dubbing on!

Reviewed by Laydback

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