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  • World War 2, 1939. In a concentration camp (AKA Love Camp) the Nazis hold Jewish women captive for their own pleasure. In that camp is also a woman that has important information for the allies. The Americans in association with the French bring in two female soldiers which who have photographic, unforgettable minds. The job should be done after five days. Till then they get naked everyday to please the soldiers and officers of the Third Reich. With me being German it's always fun to watch these Naziploitation flicks. I always laugh when I hear American actors speaking German and then pronouncing it wrong. Whatever. This film is unspectacular and boring. I think no other Naziploitation film could top Ilsa (with the great Dyanne Thorne). Why is this film banned in the UK? Makes no sense to me. It's harmless and sometimes trashy. On the most DVD Covers or Posters you will see a mean looking German shepherd. In the movie he seems to be a lovely husky. Final Words: Not Recommended! -- GBS
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