Lila: Mantis in Lace

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Main Details

  • Released June 19, 1968 | Color
  • Runtime: 86 min (Lila version) / 80 Minutes (Mantis in Lace version)
  • Production Co: Boxoffice International Pictures
  • Distribution: Boxoffice International Pictures
  • Directed by William Rotsler
  • Written by Sanford White
  • Produced by Bethel Buckalew, Harry H. Novak, Sanford White
  • Cinematography by László Kovács
  • Editing by Peter Perry Jr.
  • Original Music by Frank A. Coe
  • Set Decoration by Frank Borass
  • Starring Susan Stewart, Steve Vincent, M.K. Evans, Janu Wine, Janu Wine

Also Known As

  • Mantis in Lace | Lila | La Mantide (Italy) | Laila - Vampir der Lust (West Germany)


  • Sensual! Terrifying! | Like a Female Mantis... to LOVE her was to DIE! (Mantis in Lace version) | Let her show you the heat of desire -- the face of sin! (Lila version) | SHE LOVED THEM... and loved them and loved them TO DEATH!
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