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  • John Gielgud was replaced by Patrick Stewart. According to some biographies of Gielgud, he departed the production because of a disagreement over his salary.
  • The BBC newsreader early in the film, John Edmunds, really was a BBC newsreader from the 1960s to early 1980s.
  • Most of Nicholas Ball's performance ended up on the cutting room floor according to an interview he gave on the Wogan television talk show in 1985.
  • John Gielgud, Klaus Kinski and Olivia Hussey were originally announced to star in the film, according to the late 1983 Teletext film news section.
  • Despite being credited on the 101 minute cut, the following actors were deleted from this cut of the film: John Woodnutt, John Forbes-Robertson and Russell Sommers. Plus Carl Rigg has all his lines removed from this version.
  • John Rhys-Davies was mistakenly listed as being in the film by film's PR
  • Billy Idol was considered for the role of one of the male vampires.
  • Michael Winner was offered the chance to direct the film.
  • Bill Malin is dubbed by John Benson. Benson also does the Tannoy Voice on the PA When Caine and Kelly arrive at SRC.
  • Jamie Roberts is dubbed by Kerry Shale. In the 101 minute version, Elizabeth Heery is dubbed by a US actress.
  • Geoffrey Frederick is dubbed by Patrick Jordan.
  • Cannon tried to get Anthony Hopkins to play Caine who turned it down; then the film company thought they had a deal with Terence Stamp but for some reason that fell through. Michael Gothard screen tested for Caine too but when Tobe Hooper met Peter Firth he offered him the role.
  • Frank Finlay replaced Klaus Kinski.
  • In the 101 minute version, some of Geoffrey Frederick's voice-over is dubbed when his voice is heard on the space shuttle Churchill.
  • The model for the alien spaceship was an artichoke.
  • This was promoted and filmed under the title "The Space Vampires" (the title of Colin Wilson's novel). However, Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus' Cannon Films reportedly spend nearly $25 million in hopes of creating a full blown blockbuster. They felt that this title made it sound like a typical Cannon low budget exploitation film. The title was changed to "Lifeforce" and it was released in the United States in an edited version which brought in less than half of its production cost.
  • Jerome Willis worked three weeks on this project
  • According to interviews with Bill Malin who plays one of the vampires, the film went over schedule and because of this some important scenes were never filmed.
  • Michael Armstrong and Olaf Pooley did uncredited work on the script.
  • James Horner was first asked to write the score.
  • The model London destroyed in the film was actually the remains of Tucktonia, a model village near Christchurch, UK that had closed not long before the shooting of the film.
  • Over 1000 actresses were considered or interviewed for the role of the Space Girl - ultimately the role went to Mathilda May.
  • The role of Kelly, played by Chris Sullivan, was actually 6 roles joined together by Tobe Hooper after he met Sullivan who was initially offered the role of a crew member before they decided that the role should be played by a female.
  • Last film of Edward Evans.
  • Tobe Hooper came up with the idea of incorporating Halley's Comet into the screenplay. Dan O'Bannon was displeased with the end result as he disliked the addition.
  • According to Nicholas Ball, who plays the main British Astronaut Derebridge, it was felt that there was too much material in space and that is why a majority of 'The Churchill' space shuttle scenes were deleted.
  • Patrick Stewart has said in interviews he was disappointed at the cuts made to the film.
  • The Churchill Commantions Officer Rawlins was British, but in post production it was decided to re-voice him by a US performer.
  • An up-close look at the ribbons and medals on the U.S. Air Force uniform Steve Railsback wore reveals his character, Colonel Carlsen, is a Vietnam War veteran.
  • William Lindsay died before the film was released in British cinemas.
  • Mathilda May is said to be too embarrassed by her association with this project and does not list it on her curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Frank Finlay was made a CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) while working on this film.
  • When filming began, the important cameo of Dr. Armstrong had not yet been cast.
  • Script doctor Michael Armstrong visited the set while filming but was horrified by Tobe Hooper's working methods.
  • According to Bill Malin the film was shut down at one time because they had run out of money.
  • George Peppard was attached to star in this project at one time.
  • Tim Dry and Sean Crawford were interviewed for the male vampires.
  • Mathilda May receives an "introducing" credit, although she had starred in two previous feature films in France.
  • Ronald Lacey was offered Sir Percy but rejected the role because the demanding make up effects would be a problem for his health.
  • Olivia Hussey left the film because she mistakenly thought that she was playing the role of the Space Girl - which required too much nudity. She was then replaced by Nancy Paul.
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