Legacy of Blood 1978

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Legacy of Blood (1978, USA) is a Horror film directed by Andy Milligan. It is a remake of Milligan's own film The Ghastly Ones.


Main Details

  • Released on February 25, 1978 (New York City)
  • Color
  • Running time: 77 minutes (83 minutes- TV version)
  • Production Co.: Take One Film Group
  • Distribution Co.: Ken Lane Films
  • Written and directed by Andy Milligan
  • Starring: Elaine Boies, Louise Gallandra, Jeannie Cusick

Plot Summary

  • Horror movie about three wicked sisters and their equally unsavory husbands who all arrive at a remote inn where they mean to attend the reading of their uncle's will. One by one, the heirs are dispatched by an unknown killer.


  • Think of your worst nightmare... It's about to happen again!
  • They inherited a terrifying death!
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