Lady of the Law

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Lady of the Law (Nu bu kuai) (1975, Hong Kong) is a Martial Arts-Action-Drama film directed by Chiang Shen and Stanley Wing Su.


Main Details

  • Released on June 7, 1975
  • Color
  • Running time: 86 minutes
  • Production Co.: Shaw Brothers
  • Directed by Chiang Shen and Stanley Wing Su
  • Written by Chiang Shen
  • Starring: Lo Lieh, Shih Szu, Chan Shen

Plot Summary

  • Jiao is framed for rape and murder (and, later, two more murders) by Chen and his son – the same people who framed Jiao's father and left him orphaned. Into the mix comes THE LADY OF THE LAW, Miss Leng, whose job it is to find the guilty. This she does, and she and Jiao find themselves battling pretty much everyone else who's appeared in the movie up to this point.
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