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I was stunned because of all the blood fountains and severed limbs. Lady Snowblood is from the mid-70s, a Japanese revenge movie that is just full of what Tarantino's Kill Bill emulates: You have a nice woman, turned into an avenger by her mother who passes the hate on to her as a child when she died, then you have a sensei who taught her all the cruelty she's going to inflict on her targets. And oh boy what a rampage! There's plenty of slashed faces, blood spraying walls, arms flying around and the likes. But this movie is not campy, or cheap, this film is very subtle in its storytelling and the cinematography is at least in the important parts quite fitting. Kaji does a great job miming the ruthless avenging angel and in the end you walk out of the theater as a happy person who just watched one hell of a bloody samurai flick! I can recommend this film to anyone who at least closely likes what I just described above. --Seb

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