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  • Just released out of prison the brutal gangster Belli (Elio Zamuto) plans another crime. He needs a driver and the old underworld boss Sergio Monnezza AKA "Trash" (Tomas Milian) has to get him one. Trash doesn't like Belli but he gets him a man because of the simple reason that no gun shooting or brutality will be involved. In the meantime the frustrated cop Ghini (Luc Merenda) investigates. His boss plays strictly by the rules (law) but Ghini has got his own laws. Later on the driver gets murdered and Trash wants revenge. Trash gives Ghini a tip (both know each other from back in the old days), and then the shit hits the fan. It's a good Poliziotteschi genre film with the great Tomas Milian. Milian's Trash character is awesome (especialy the comedy parts). There's lots of dead bodies in it, one tit, jewels, money, pistols, machine guns and blood. I love the main title track by Bruno Canfora. Recommended! --GBS
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