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ENGLISH FAN DUB VERSION: Here we have another Poliziotteschi from one of the masters of the genre, Umberto Lenzi.

This movie is a bit more unknown than the other works of Lenzi, but that doesn't mean it's a bad one.

In the first scene, after the intro, we see Tomas Milian as "Pigsty", a strange guy working on a lousy job. In the same scene, we see Milian again, in another role as "Pigsty's brother, Vincenzo, "Hunchback". And Vincenzo is indeed a Hunchback, as well as a criminal.

Vincenzo is a key member of a small gang of robbers. Together they set up a robbery. The gang, however, wants Vincenzo dead. The first part of the robbery goes fine, and Vincenzo gets shot. But sadly for the gang the hunchback survives and plans revenge. And needless to say Vincenzo is also wanted by the cops.

Well first of all, this is a quite strange film from time to time. Poetic, humorous, dark, gritty, serious, political… we have it all here. Well, actually I really liked this film.

We have a great political scene in which Vincenzo gets laughed at by these rich people because of his twisted back. Vincenzo first lets them laugh at him but he then takes a gun and has a great political speech. And then robs the people.

The other brother, "Pigsty" is to say the least an interesting character. He has a strange afro-haircut and is very talky throughout, and really shows what he feels and thinks! Also Vincenzo "Hunchback" is a strange character for Tomas Milian to play. Definitely not his usual role.

Maestro Franco Micalizzi does a nice score here as well, but the main theme is played a lot and almost gets annoying.

Lenzi's direction is ok as well, so no complaints there.

If you want your Euro Crime sleazy and violent however, this movie is weak on that department. Almost no violence at all and no nudity. Not a lot of action either. But overall, this movie is highly recommended!

Reviewed by Silence - 6/20/06

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