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Opening text: On May 5th, 1941, Japanese Navy Commander Okado leads his men from Kwang Chu to Hainan Island. He's now the commander-in-chief. His plane was shot down by our guerrillas in Chung Shang. Okado and eight men were killed. Inside the planes were documents concerning conquering of Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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Japanese Colonel Keno (James Nam) finds out from his superior that the guerrillas have stolen the documents and are on their way to Hong Kong via Macau. And just like that, we're all set for the "Retrieve-the-lost-document" storyline to begin! In Macau, newly arrived Col. Wong (Yuen San Wong) tries to seek help from a wealthy landowner (Also a martial artist) named Pang (Siu-Lung Leung) to find the document before the Japanese do. But before Wong finds Pang, he runs into four young acrobatic and mischievous orphans(?) who have been taken in by Pang. And let me tell you, for being such a rich guy, Pang sure doesn't like to stay put in his fancy home. It always seems as if it's those Orphans are the ones who really live in the "Pang Estate". Anyway, Wong receives a tip on where to locate the document, but this has him crossing paths with the Japanese (Disguised as Chinese) Let the kung fu fighting begin!!! The fight causes the death of Wong's partner and Pang (Who refused to side with Wong) now understands the importance of the mission and enlists himself, along with his orphans, to help prevent the Japanese invasion.

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Now here's something that I have to get off my chest...This movie really isn't what you would expect to see when it comes to Bruceploitation. For starters, Siu-Lung Leung doesn't even try to mimic Bruce Lee. If anything, he bares more of a resemblance to Alexander Fu Sheng than anything else. It's just that since the alternate titles of this film was marketed as Bruceploitation, it's likely that the viewers will receive something more original and out of character than what you could find in a regular Bruceploitation film starring Bruce Li, Bruce Le, Dragon Lee etc. Alright, with that out of the way, what's left of the movie is some decently good entertainment. The film's helped by the presence of a few minor characters like the leader of the Orphans played by Hon Kwok Choi (The deaf-mute in The Four Invincibles) and some brief humor given by Hu Chin playing a female prostitute. Ah, but there's also some humorous moments that definetly over-stay their welcome (I lost track of how many times a character got hit in the head with a blunt object and acted like they're seeing stars) but boy, thankfully this movie ends on a pretty big note. The big, final fight between Pang and Keno is nothing short of breathtaking. As long as you've got two guys going at it while screaming their heads off and drawing blood with their bare hands, then you've made me a very happy camper. It's a very good climax. And I'm telling you, the more I see of James Nam, the more he rises on my list of great villain actors. I'll wait for the day untill he gets his due to get immortalized in cinema's martial arts hall of fame. At least Siu-Lung Leung would recieve some similar treatment in his later years by playing a memorable part in Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle. So there's still hope for Mr. Nam to recieve the spotlight. Oh, sorry, back to Kung Fu Superman...I recommend it.

Reviewed by Laydback

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