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  • Koichiro Uno was a popular novelist whose works were adapted by Nikkatsu numerous times. Dirty Sister's Barber Shoppe is the ’God only knows how manieth’ instalment in the Koichiro Uno film series. As the title would suggest, the film has something to do with a barber shop. But only something; there isn’t more than a few scenes related to the fore-mentioned business, probably not enough to satisfy the fans (where do they come up with these fetishes?). Listing the positives makes it seem quite alright, though; it’s got one decently nice looking girl (Mai Inoue, who also starred in Pink Cut, another hair clipping film), some jokes that make you laugh and a very cute duck (yes, duck). But, unfortunately the film is built on very shabby grounds. The interest curve makes a kamikaze landing the second there isn’t something fun or cute on the screen, and that happens often. Animal lovers (no, not like that) should be warned; the dinner frog is given a pretty nasty treatement if front of the camera. --HungFist
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