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  • Of course many genre fans know George A. Romero from his famed "Dead" series, which are considered by most to be the top of the mountain as far as zombie films go. But in 1981 Romero would put out a film that not only was nothing at all like those films, but it wasn't even a horror movie. Knightriders might be Romero's most original film of his career and it's criminally underrated. The film was originally supposed to be titled "Excaliber" but that was changed when another film was made that year under the same title. Funny enough though because Newsweek magazine actually mentioned that they enjoyed Romero's "Knightriders" moreso than "Excalibur" giving the film even more credibility. To this day the film holds up as an original film that's never been duplicated since. But in my opinion "Knightriders" is quite possibly the most ambitious low budget film I've ever seen outside of the horror genre. - Ed Demko
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