Jess Franco: The Perverse Collection

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THE INCONFESSABLE ORGIES OF EMMANUELLE: You haven't experienced the EMMANUELLE phenomenon until you've seen it via the perverse vision of EuroCult legend Jess Franco! This time, French television starlet Muriel Montosse, billed here as Vicky Adams, is the luscious beauty who inflames the beaches and bedrooms of a Mediterranean resort city. But when she is seduced into a very public act of lesbian lust by a sultry stripper, Emmanuelle unzips a torrent of erotic pleasure that takes her from ecstasy to brutality and beyond. Carmen Carrion of THE SEXUAL STORY OF O and Robert Foster of MACUMBA SEXUAL co-star in this rarely-seen slice of EuroSleaze also known as EMMANUELLE EXPOSED now lovingly restored from the original negative and presented uncut and uncensored for the first time ever in America!

MACUMBA SEXUAL: It is the film that shocks even the most hardcore connoisseurs of Euro-Sex sagas, a fever dream of unbridled depravity from the bizarre mind of writer/director Jess Franco! The ever-alluring Lina Romay as her alter ego Candy Coster stars as a young wife haunted by erotic hallucinations of the mysterious Princess Obongo - an eye-popping performance by allegedly transsexual Ajita Wilson of SADOMANIA fame. But this self-proclaimed Goddess Of Unspeakable Lust has still more in store for this yuppie sexpot and her unsuspecting husband, including lesbian ecstasy, frenzied threesomes, bisexual orgies and beyond! Robert Foster from MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD and Jess Franco himself co-star in this lushly atmospheric and relentlessly erotic shocker, now fully restored from the recently discovered original negative with all-new Bonus Materials featuring Jess & Lina, and presented totally uncut & uncensored for the first time ever in America!

MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD: Get ready to experience notorious writer/director Jess Franco at him most wild, perverse and extreme! Four wanton waitresses including Eva Leon of HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN, Mamie Kaplan of LILLIAN, THE PERVERTED VIRGIN and the legendary Lina Romay billed here as Candy Coster of BARBED WIRE DOLLS arrive for vacation in the Canary Islands where they soon indulge their hungers for masturbation, lesbian lust, bondage and beyond. But the ultimate depravities are still to come, as a nearby 17th Century monastery unleashes a horde of zombie Templars crazed for the taste of hot female flesh! Robert Foster from MACUMBA SEXUAL co-stars in this jaw-dropping saga of sex and sadism that Franco scholars have called an insane homage to the BLIND DEAD series. Severin Films is proud to present it now fully restored from original Spanish elements, featuring all-new Bonus Materials and presented totally uncut & uncensored for the first time ever in America!

THE SEXUAL STORY OF O: No erotic filmmaker can blur the line between pleasure and pain quite like the notorious Jess Franco! Gorgeous young AlicÌa Principe stars as Odile, a succulent American tourist whose innocent afternoon of voyeurism soon leads her to the bed of a mysterious couple. But what begins as a torrid mÈnage-‡-trois soon leads to Odile through an odyssey of Sapphic bliss and S&M torment that explodes in one of the most bizarre climaxes in EuroCult history. Daniel Katz from NIGHT OF NON-STOP SEX, Carmen Carrion from THE INCONFESSABLE ORGIES OF EMANUELLE and the very hot Mamie Kaplan from LILLIAN THE PERVERTED VIRGIN co-star in this depraved shocker, now fully restored from Spanish vault elements and featuring an all-new interview with writer/director Jess Franco himself!

  • Bonus Features: THE INCONFESSABLE ORGIES OF EMMANUELLE - The Inconfessable Orgies of Jess interview with director Jess Franco | MACUMBA SEXUAL - Voodoo Jess - interview with director Jess Franco and star Lina Romay | MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD - The Mansion Jess Built - interview with director Jess Franco and star Lina Romay | THE SEXUAL STORY OF O - Franco's O - interview with director Jess Franco.


  • Region 0
  • 4 Discs
  • Studio: Severin Films
  • Run Time: 351 Minutes
  • Language: Spanish with English subtitles
  • Color Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1
  • Dolby Digital Mono Region: 0
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