Japanese Movie Posters

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  • Compiled by Chuck Stevens, Tetsuya Masuda
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0972312455
  • 96 pages
  • DH Publishing Incorporated (11 Jan. 2003)
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Accessible, fun, and colorful world of snarling gangsters, fire-breathing lizards, and animated dreams full of humor and wonder. While high-art Japanese cinema has been documented and analyzed in the West, popular and cult Japanese movies have remained largely unexplored. The fantastic vintage posters that drew the masses to Kurosawa's samurai flicks, Godzilla, and sexy Pink movies are now available to US audiences. Featuring genre classics and funky retro designs, as well as Anime, Sci-Fi and New Cinema, Japanese Movie Posters also offers irreverent commentary by poster and movie experts, as well as plenty of swords, guns, tattoos, geishas, ghosts, rubber monster suits, cartoon robots, samurais and sirens. (Amazon)

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