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'He came back from the dead to possess a man's soul, make love to his woman and get the vengeance he craved'. Quite a tall order one might think but that's the deal here with this late entry into the horror/possession movie stakes. Glyn Turman (Five On The Black Hand Side) is Ike Hendrix, a young law student who is hypnotized when volunteering for a show in a local nightclub. Ike sees horrible visions of a slaughter house and a woman's murder via straight razor while in a hypnotic state. Needless to say he ain't had a good night.Ike is usually a good-natured dude but his personality deteriorates.He takes on the personality of one J.D.Walker, a gangster who was murdered in the 40's. With the help of poor Ike's body as host, J.D. seeks revenge against those who put him 6 feet under. Glyn Turman is ace as Ike and the funky score and nightclub scenes are pretty damn good too. --Mark Banville

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