Inside Deep Throat/Soundtrack

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  • Music by Various Artists



1. David Steinberg: Titles 2. Chris Joss: Theme from 'Deep Throat' 3.Melanie: Brand New Key 4. Tommy James: Draggin' The Line 5. Kool & The Gang: Jungle Boogie 6. David Steinberg: The NY Trial 7. Andrea True Connection: More More More 8. KC & The Sunshine Band: Keep It Coming Love 9. Mocean Worker: Chick A Boom Boom Boom 10. Chris Joss: Love Is Strange 11. Daniele Luppi: Fashion Party 12. David Steinberg: The Mob 13. David Steinberg: Linda In Playboy 14. Alice Cooper: Elected 15. David Steinberg (5) Featuring Chris Joss: Sex Pod 16. David Steinberg: The Memphis Trial 17. David Steinberg: Linda Goes Home 18. Supertramp: Crime Of The Century 19. Chris Joss: Open Mouth Surgery (Dr. Young's Groove)

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