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  • A once great silent film director named Boy Wonder (Richard Dreyfuss) doesn't like the business (or himself) anymore and so he begins shooting cheap silent sex films. He drinks alcohol all day and nearly forgets reality. His producer Big Mac (Bob Hoskins) comes over with his girlfriend Cathy Cake (Jessica Harper) to see the progress of the new film. Big Mac gives the porn actress some heroin and suddenly she's dead from an overdose. The film is nearly finished, only like 5 minutes are left. Boy Wonder has got this great idea, he wants to use the dead body of the porn actress for the insert shots. But then decides its not a good idea. So they bring the dead body away and Boy Wonder stays with Cake alone in his home. Cathy is so motivated that she wants to do the inserts (close shots) herself. And then....Big Mac returns. End open! A good movie, if you're into bullshit talking sexploitation flicks then it's the right one for you. The whole film takes place in one room. The cast of actors gave their best. Richard Dreyfuss was the bomb. Some people say this film isn't an exploitation movie but I have to disagree, it's 100% exploitation. Recommended! --GBS
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