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  • After this film generated acclaim in film festivals around the world and in successful theatrical showings in France, a lab mistakenly destroyed the negative and all prints; it was lost never released on video. Then, after years of searching, one print was discovered in the permanent collection of the Cinémathèque Française in Paris. From that sole surviving print, this film has been digitally restored with remastered sound. It has since been re-circulated online, generating a new fan base.
  • All the spoken dialogue was in Esperanto.
  • Just one year after this film came out, as its prints were being destroyed, William Shatner was cast in "Star Trek" (1966), cinematographer Conrad L. Hall got his first Academy Award nomination, actor Milos Milos murdered the estranged wife of Mickey Rooney and then killed himself, and actress Ann Atmar committed suicide.
  • In Esperanto, an Incubus (a male demon who seduces women) is "inkubo" (een-KOO-bo). But when Arndis says she's had a nightmare, nightmare in Esperanto is also "inkubo", or preferably "inkubsong^o" (een-koob-SON-jo).
  • Shatner grew up in Montreal, Canada, and probably because of this he keeps pronouncing certain Esperanto words as if they were like French. Listen for him saying "sen" (without) pronounced as if it were French "sans", or "sento" (feel) as if it were French "sentir" (to feel). For the record, Esperanto has no nasal vowel-sounds like French does.
  • Reuses music from "The Outer Limits" (1963) episode "Nightmare".
  • In traditional Esperanto, the word 'Kia' literally translates into the phrase 'What kind?' in English.
  • In his commentary for the DVD, William Shatner recalled an incident that occurred when the cast and crew first arrived in Big Sur, California. He remembers who he thought of as a male "hippie" approaching the company, and inquiring into their endeavor. Shatner says that the cast and crew reacted with some hostility to his interest, which angered him in turn. The "hippy" then loudly put a curse on their production, which some people believe came in effect.
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