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Incubus (1965, USA) is a Horror film directed by Leslie Stevens.


Main Details

  • Released in 1965
  • B & W
  • Running Time: 78 Min.
  • Production Co: Contempo III Productions | Daystar Productions
  • Directed by Leslie Stevens
  • Written by Leslie Stevens
  • Starring William Shatner, Allyson Ames, Eloise Hardt, Robert Fortier, Ann Atmar, Milos Milos
  • Produced by Elaine Michea, Anthony M. Taylor
  • Original Music by Dominic Frontiere
  • Cinematography by Conrad L. Hall, William A. Fraker
  • Film Editing by Richard K. Brockway

Plot Summary

  • On a strange island inhabited by demons and spirits, a man battles the forces of evil.

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