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  • The actual and official third Ilsa sequel is: Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia, which was briefly distributed by New World about the time Roger Corman left. In the little seen Tigress, Ilsa is running Gulag 14 in Siberia but flees to Montreal after Stalin dies in 1953. In Montreal she sets up a whorehouse and dungeon complete with a man-eating tiger. We flash forward to the 1976 Montreal Olympics and any kind of logic you might have though the film had flies out the window. Dyanne Thorne and her real life husband Howard Mauer is in the cast and it's directed by Jean Lafleur. It has lots of nudity, torture and the famous chainsaw/arm-wrestling scene. "Tigress" was briefly released on video but is now out of print and has not been legally released on DVD. "Tigress" as it is often called has a decent 45 minute opening but then become utterly ridiculous, less inventive and far less interesting. --Count Graf Orlock
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