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  • Teruo Ishii’s erotic psycho-drama opens like an Italian giallo – with extreme close-ups of a madman’s eyes, quick shots of blood splattered on white feathers, and animal roaring serving as the soundtrack. Cut to upbeat 60’s romance imagery with Teruo Yoshida and Masumi Tachibana kissing at sunset and the perfect contrast is ready. Unfortunately, this project seems to have been a routine effort for Ishii – the same patterns are repeated too many times during the films course, and the screenplay is too thin, falling somewhere between a 30 min episode and a 90 minute feature film. But unlike most of Ishii’s late 60’s films, this is a single storyline without episodic structure. It's clumsy at times, effective at others, and features an enjoyable if not entirely convincing leading performance by Eiji Wakasuki as a stalker who won't let one of his girlfriends go. Fans of the director will find enough satisfaction to warrant a viewing or two, but others can move on to Ishii’s more accomplished – and far gorier – pinky violence works. ---HungFist
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