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  • Ichijo's Wet Lust earned director Kumashiro the Kinema Junpo prize. The film is a somewhat character driven slice of life story of a stripper, with the real life artist Ichijo Sayuri as herself in a supporting role. The problem is that miss Sayuri is actually more interesting than any of the main film’s characters. Her Red Peony Gambler stage show is worth seeing. As a whole the pic is not badly made, in fact it doesn’t fail majorly on any area. But, where’s the catch? The main characters are rather unlikable and although it’s obvious Kumashiro is aiming at realism it doesn’t make the film much more captivating. The cinematography is pretty nice, though. I also have a strange feeling I might enjoy this more on a second viewing. So, take my comments with a reservation and keep in mind that this this is indeed a highly praised movie. --HungFist
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