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  • The scary, ugly face seen on the movie posters for this film was originally part of the poster art for the US/British monster film, It!, starring Roddy McDowall.
  • This was the first film ever to be rated X by the MPAA based on violence alone.
  • Before the passing of the Video Recordings Act, a cut version was briefly released by Media Video in the UK in the early 1980s. Although it was never listed as an official "nasty video", it was one of the films featured on a tape compiled by outspoken critic of sex and violence Mary Whitehouse and shown at the Conservative Party conference in 1984. This film has yet to receive a UK certificate.
  • According to director David E. Durston, when the film was originally given an "X" rating by the MPAA, theaters threatened to pull the film entirely. The distribution company then granted the theaters permission to edit the film themselves as long as they would still attempt to show it. As a result of this agreement, Durston says there were hundreds of different "versions" of the film due to individual theaters editing their own reels of I Drink Your Blood.
  • Durston originally entitled the film "Phobia" - however the distributors felt the film needed to be a double-feature. An ad executive came up with the promotion of a double feature of films called "I Drink Your Blood" and "I Eat Your Skin." This is how Durston's film came to be named "I Drink Your Blood" despite the fact that no one's blood is ever drank in the film.
  • The film was inspired to Durston by an article he saw on a foreign village whose people had fallen victim to rabies. This, combine with the recent crimes of Charles Manson, so disturbed Durston that he felt it would make an effective horror movie.
  • Lynn Lowry's deaf-mute character wasn't in the original script of the film. Lowry was written into the film after Durston met her and was so impressed by her appearance that he decided to make a role for her.
  • According to Durston, apart from the chicken in the opening scene, no animals were killed in the making of the film.
  • Shot in the upstate New York village of Sharon Springs after it was deserted. Many of the locations for the film, including the old hotel, were set to be demolished but were kept standing long enough for the film production.
  • The satanic practices of the cult were based upon actual satanic rituals told to David E. Durston by a friend that was a former member of a cult.
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