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  • The cavemen footage is from a Filipino movie shot in 1965. The new US color footage was shot in 1966. The film itself wasn't released until 1970.
  • This film is a mixture of a mid 60s Filippino horror movie called "Tagani", "One Million BC" (1940) and "Unknown Island" (1948).
  • The Filippino film "Tagani" which forms the basis of Adamson's film was made in black and white. As drive-ins at the time were clamoring for color features, the black and white footage was tinted using a process which was hyped as Spectrum X.
  • Director of photography on the newly filmed sequences was Vilmos Zsigmond, a future Oscar winner.
  • Director Al Adamson loved the film "Tagani" when he saw it in the mid 60s so he purchased the rights himself.
  • Al Adamson plays one of the vampires in the opening segment.
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