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  • This movie is a personal favorite of mine from the 1970's and Code Red just recently released an uncut dvd. The plot is about a high school science geek named Vernon Potts who is harassed by jocks, teachers, and even the school janitor. Vernon has been experimenting with chemicals in the school's chem lab because he believes that since certain drugs can change a person mentally, they can change a person physically too. One night in the chem lab Vernon and the janitor get into a fight and the janitor forces him to drink his concoction. Vernon turns into a hairy beast (well, sort of, it's tough to tell what the makeup looks like because after he transforms most of his shots are in silhouette.) He beats the tar out of the janitor and throws him into a vat of acid. After that, the movie is a loose Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde story given a low-budget, 1970's upgrade. This movie is awesome, and for years in the 1980's was a staple of afternoon and late-night TV. Now we can see it uncut! The uncut version has a little bit of extra gore in it, but I think it adds to the film. Similar to how the uncut My Bloody Valentine (1981) is (sort-of) a different movie with it's extra gore footage. Horror High has Austin Stoker from Abby, Rosie Holotik from Don't Look In The Basement, John Niland (NFL pro from back in the day when the players actually gave a damn about getting the Superbowl Ring instead of just playing for money - sorry, I went on a tangent there!), and even a cameo by NFL's "Mean" Joe Greene! - Murphy
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