High Yellow

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High Yellow (1965, USA) is a racesploitation film directed by Larry Buchanan.


Main Details

  • Released in 1965
  • B & W
  • Distributed by Thunder Pictures
  • Running time 83 minutes
  • Directed by Larry Buchanan
  • Written by Larry Buchanan
  • Produced by Larry Buchanan
  • Starring Cynthia Hull, Warren Hammack, Kay Taylor, Bill McGhee, Anne MacAdams

Plot Summary

  • Cynthia Wood, a light-skinned 17-year-old girl, tries to pass as white after getting hired by wealthy movie magnate Mr. Langley, who has problems with his spoiled wife and promiscuous teenage daughter and son.


  • Want Her? Take Her!
  • Are you curious?
  • The motion picture that's happening now!
  • A female half-breed who is too white to be black...too black to be white!
  • She didn't cross the color line she walked right down the middle!
  • Rx: A prescription for something you'll never believe!
  • The Explosive Story of the Year

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