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Hellhole (1985, USA) is a Women In Prison film directed by Pierre De Moro


Main Details

  • Released in 1985 | Color
  • Running Time: 90 Min
  • Production Co: Arkoff International | Hellhole Productions
  • Distribution Co: Arkoff International (1985) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Pierre De Moro
  • Written by Aaron Butler, Lance Dickson, Mark Evan Schwartz (additional dialogue)
  • Starring Ray Sharkey, Judy Landers, Marjoe Gortner, Richard Cox, Edy Williams, Terry Moore, Mary Woronov, Robert Z'Dar, Dyanne Thorne
  • Produced by Lou Arkoff, Samuel Z. Arkoff, Billy Fine, Tedra Gabriel
  • Music by Jeff Sturges
  • Cinematography by Stephen L. Posey
  • Film Editing by Stephen Butler


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